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At Transporters Logistics, we believe that our amazing team of professionals make us who we are. From superior service to the friendliest staff in the game, our team is dedicated to bring each client a unique personalized experience to best suite each shipment.     

George Lachanas - CEO

George is the CEO and founder of Transporters Logistics. With over 20 years of experience in the logistics industry. George opened Transporters Logistics in 2006 with the idea of bringing companies effortless shipping for the lowest price possible and world class service to match.  

 Jason Krevo - Logistics Expert

With over 20 years of experience in the logistics industry, Jason is a seasoned expert specializing in larger scale North-American and International logistics. Jason strives to bring clients a world class service while minimizing client stress by ensuring on-time delivery and getting the best possible rates possible on every shipment.    

 Justin Lal - Logistics Expert

Specializing in local, on-demand, and on-time logistics, Justin is a world class logistics expert with over 18 years in the industry.  Justin's primary goal and ambition is to provide fast and efficient service to any on-demand orders with in specific time frames in a cost effective manner. 

Celeste Deresh - Sales & Logistics Expert

Celeste is not only a trained sales professional and customer relations expert, but also an on-time logistics coordinator. Celeste specializes in all freight moving operations from local moves to long distance hauls. 

 Troy Hutchinson - Accounting

Troy is a seasoned accounting veteran with over 17 years in the accounting and book keeping industry. For any Accounts Payable, or Accounts Receivable inquiries, Troy is your guy!